Our story of hope

Meet E'Spreance Bligen

ESV Beauty was created right in North Carolina and was just a small idea in E'Spreance's head. Her interest in cosmetics started when she was a Freshman in high school. The business just started out as an idea to make custom wigs, however, after realizing her passion for cosmetics, graduating from university, and applying for graduate school, she sought to find a better way to help others feel beautiful and find a way to express their creativity. A little more about her, she is a lover of psychology who's just as passionate about beauty products like wigs and makeup. She wants to share her love for cosmetics with others and provide products that help many feel beautiful in their own way. 


The name "ESV Beauty" comes from her first name, E'Spreance, which means "hope" in French. This is a frequent word used throughout the site and is something we wish to fill our customers with. We want to help our lovely ladies, gentlemen, and anyone in between turn their hopes into a reality by helping their inner beauty shine outwards and give them the confidence they truly deserve. Visitors on the site may also notice that the colors cyan, black, and marble are used throughout the website. The color cyan has a special meaning to E'Spreance, as it is a name that she grew up with and has always been a beautiful shade of blue that seems exciting and unique. We hope that while shopping you feel excited to use my products and see yourself as unique in your own way.


Our products include various styles of lashes and different cosmetic items. All products are 100% cruelty-free.